Why do you charge an admission to The Arcade?
We are a Freeplay Arcade. That means all of our games are FREE once inside. No need to bring your quarters! Admission gets you access to all arcade games and other games at The Arcade.

I am not going to be playing the games, do I still have to pay the daily admission?
Yes. At The Arcade we strive to offer gaming fun and enjoyable for all ages and walks of life. Plus we do not have the resources available to check players/vs non players. Therefore everyone who enters The Arcade must pay the daily admission or have a membership.

Once I pay admission do I have to then pay to play each game?
No. All games and activities are free once admission is paid.

Can we have our party at the Arcade?
Absolutely! Check out Parties and Reservations for more info. We have special group rates available for parties. Please note that seating is limited at The Arcade, but we will do our best to make sure you have a table or area at the bar to set a cake and presents.

Do you serve alcohol at The Arcade?
At this time we do not sell any type of alcohol because we do not have a license to do so. We will, however, offer BYOB nights for adults only. Please follow our FaceBook page or give us a call to find out about scheduled BYOB nights.

Do you offer food and drink at The Arcade?
We do offer drinks and light concessions. We do not serve hot food at this time. There are many local restaurants in Downtown we encourage you to check out before/after your time at The Arcade. For special events we do allow you to bring in outside food if you send us a request by email beforehand.

Can we bring a cake or pizza for our party at The Arcade?
Yes! When reserving your party at The Arcade, please let us know what food items you would like to bring in.

Is there a deposit required to reserve a party at The Arcade?
No, there is no deposit required. You are welcome to pay for your reservation in full before your party or have your guests pay individually the day of.

Is there a handicap entrance to The Arcade?
Yes, there is an elevator available in the lobby of the Rogers Hotel.

Can I drop off my kids at The Arcade?
Absolutely no children are allowed in the Arcade under 14 without adult supervision. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Where do I park when visiting The Arcade?
There is limited parking at the Rogers Hotel where The Arcade is located. Please do not park in parking spots that say “Residents Only.” If there is no available parking at the Hotel there is a large public parking lot across the street from College Street Pub (just one block away!)

I am bringing my 3-year old to The Arcade. Do I need to purchase admission for him/her?
Kids 4 and under get free admission!

We would like to have a more private event at The Arcade. Is this possible?
Yes. During non-business hours the entire location is available for rental for private events. Send us an email for more information.